Children's Dentistry

It is recommended for children have their first visit with the dentist at age 12 months, or within 6 months of the eruption of their first primary tooth. This is to allow the child to familiarise themselves with the dental setting and also to help educate parents on how to care for their child's teeth.

Fissure sealants

On the chewing surfaces of the back teeth are deep pits and grooves called "fissures". These are so narrow that toothbrush bristles cannot clean them properly. Over time, bacteria start to multiply and colonise these pits and fissures. As a result, tooth decay often begins here. Fissure sealants form a barrier that protects the pits and fissures against bacteria colonisation within the fissures and fermentable foods like sugars and starches causing decay in the fissures.


Mouthguards are mouth protectors commonly used to protect your teeth while you participate in a sport that may result in injury to your teeth.